How it works

This females magic Yoga Burn program has a huge screat and the name of this secret is Dynamic Sequencing which helps you to learn how to make each move and then to take the next step and grow the level of difficulty.

When you change the routine and your body gets forced to adapt, then you’ll start to get results and you’ll see how your body shape will start to change and you also start to feel a lot better.

The program has three phases and contains 15 vidoes with 45 minutes each one of them. This females magic Yoga Burn program is made in such way so you don’t get bored while making the exercises.

You also get some bonus videos which you can make every week and get even better results. Usually these bonuses are focused on your self-confidence and improving your hapinness in general.

Like we said, there are 3 phases and here are more things about them.

Phase 1

Foundational Flow

In this phase you build a good yoga foundation for what it comes. The first 4 weeks it will teach you how to practice yoga and lean your muscles but also you’ll start the  process of shaping your body. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not when it comes to completing each program phase.

Once your foundation is ready and your mind and body are connected you can start with phase 2.

Phase 2

Transitional Flow

Like we said the phase 1 of this females magic Yoga Burn is very important because, now in the second pahse you’ll start to mix the moves from the phase 1 in a smooth way which helps you to burn more calories.

The videos in this phase are related to large muscles groups: upper body, lower body and core.

When going through each video and learnig the moves you’ll see that your mind will start focusing much easier.

Phase 3

Mastery Flow

In this phase the females magic Yoga Burn program will combine all the moves you’ve learned in the first two phases. This phase it will fire up your metabolism and you’ll start burning the fat so your body gets shaped. This is an intense phase in which you’ll see the real benefits of this females magic Yoga program.

You’ll need to repeat each pose more than in the previous phases until your muscles are properly trained.

Also in this phase there are more combined moves for the lower and upper bodyso you can get quick results and build a sexy body.

The phase 3 in three words can be summerized like this: reenergize, reinvigorate, results.

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