Frequently asked questions

How it works?
This females magic yoga program referrs to the Yoga Burn program and the Dynamic Sequencing which teaches you how to make each movement and even rise the level of the difficulty at some point if your body allows it. Usually this level of difficulty is increase when you get used with the routine.

The females magic Yoga Burn has three phases with 15 videos which are made in such way so you’ll like working on your body.

This females magic yoga program is not made only to help you look better but also to make you feel amazing being in your body.

Why is this program different from yoga classes?
This females magic yoga program is made especially for women to help them burn the fat and shape their body as they want with quick results. This females magic Yoga Burn is exactly what a woman needs if she want to lose weight and shape up while making use of a progressive yoga program.

The real question is Why going to a yoga class when you can simply do this from home and save a lot of time?

Who can use Yoga Burn program?
The females magic Yoga Burn has no age limit when it comes to who can benefit from this program. All is needed is that the woman who uses this program to really want to shape her body and lose weight.

Can the workouts to be too hard for me?
This Yoga Burn program is designed so any women can use it. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced yoga student as far as you challenge yourself once you get used to each exercise. The program has what is called Dynamic Sequencing which helps you to learn the basics and then shows you how to take the next level step.

It is also possible to simply make changes to the program so it fits your level of endurance and everything is explained in the videos.

Yoga while pregnant?
Yes, with this females magic yoga program you can take advantage of the videos even if you are pregnant. The program contains some bonus videos which can be used in this situation.

Another good aspect is that you can use the Yoga Burn program after you have your baby so your body can recover. This is a good choice because you don’t need to leave your house to use the program.

How much time is this offer available?
The females magic Yoga Burn program is available for a limited time only so if you want to take advantage of this offer and also get the weekly bonuses, then you need to take action now.

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