About females magic Yoga Burn

This females magic Yoga Burn program is made to help any woman to build a sexy shape of her body while increasing her overall happiness. The program takes you tohrough all the necessary steps you need to start burning fat and shaping your body and your mind. With females magic Yoga Burn you get access to:
  • Three phases yoga program
  • 15 videos plus bonus videos for each week
  • 100% Risk-Free with the 60 days money back guarantee option

3 Phase Yoga program

To shape your body and improve your overall happiness, this females magic Yoga Burn program has 3 phases:

Foundational Flow
Learning the basics and building a good foundation for next 2 phases.
Transitional Flow
Burning more calories while your moves are becoming more connected than in the first phase.
Mastery Flow
Combine all moves you've learned and build a sexy body and be happy.
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